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AAII Rochester, New York Board Members
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Breakfast Club SIG
Jeff Fraser 585-482-3654 
Financial Planning SIG Diep Chu


Program Coordinator Jim Hayes jh6l1666@gmail.com
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●Past presidents

Go to our Financial Planning page for some important Medicare info:

Due to the current escalating situation around COVID-19 (coronavirus), the Board members of our local AAII Chapter have decided to be very cautious right now and CANCEL all Rochester AAII SIG meetings until further notice.

Stay safe and healthy.

Don't miss our "Virtual" Minutes of the Breakfast Club, Oct 2020. on the Breakfast Club Discussion page.

Here is some good info from Diep:

Why 2020 is an “unprecedented opportunity” for a Roth IRA conversion
Tax advisors say you can reduce your tax bill by 30% to 40% in this unprecedented time.

Read in Kiplinger: https://apple.news/AZKIN86voShyyMpyRHFnZlA


Here is a good webinare on Investing in the Post Covid Economy from Chaikin. Sales pitch until about 50min mark.


 Jim has provided us some good information on many different topics:

 Here is some interesting analysis on presidential elections and parties historically: PrudentSpeculator      

I am doing my third quarter portfolio review and will start tax planning next week.. I thought this article was excellent at looking at 5 different strategies to streamline tax management.  


Here is a market perspective from Schwab. I liked the discussion on the bond market.  It gives some good perspective on the environment and current positioning of fixed income opportunities versus equity positions that all intelligent investors are looking at.  



This is a sample newsletter from The Prudent Speculator that I thought would be of interest

John has been at many of the NATIONAL Conference presentations and I believe might have visited the Rochester group quite a few years ago…..  Interesting reading….  Long track record in the investment community….              ENJOY    


Here is a good article from Kathy Jones of Schwab who is a fixed income specialist….  This is a very good  background on the impact of the FED and inflation historically.   With FED expanding the balance sheet, and extra ordinary assist from the Government because of the MEDICAL epidemic, we are in some interesting and challenging time for INVESTING.  This is behind the firewall so only members of Schwab will be able to get to it.



This was in the January AAII Journal and a good checkup for retired people on understanding the different approach and standards that a broker dealer uses versus Registered Investment Advisors



One item that I have brought up on Breakfast Club, is utilizing the features of the AAII resource in more depth.  For stock pickers who are tracking INDIVIDUAL stocks there is a powerful tool to give MULTIPLE sources of information.  This can be enabled and searched through.

 1)   Go to AAII.com home page to start.

 2)   Go to INVESTING pull down.

 3)   Go to Tools & Resources pull down.

 4)   Go to My portfolio.

 5)   SIGN IN to AAII account. (if you are member)

 6)  Here you can create the portfolios (list of stocks that you want to follow)

 7)   UNDER news you can bring up MULTIPLE news sources by stock or portfolio to get detailed       info.  


Even though the local meetings and SIGS for AAII in Rochester have been on hold because of the pandemic, the ONLINE AAII website has a large amount of material of interest to the investor.        One example in attachment below is a WEBINAR which includes video, handouts on investing guidance from a consortium of AAII &  AEI.  There are many WEBINARS available through the AAII webpage covering MANY financial/investment issues of the day....      Jim



 A lot of discussion on disconnect between Main Street and Wall Street……  good article to share for KEY observations on current state……      Jim



Here is some info on EIP payments from IRS through the Coronavirus Aid Relief program  and the Economic Security  Act  (CARES).   



Here is a good explanation on mechanics of tax changes in detail if you want to change your year end payment or return…  



  Here are some informational messages and contacts to assist through this challenging period.

https://www.lifespan-roch.org/lifespan-covid19?utm_source=May+2020+Giving+Tueday&utm_campaign=2020+Giving+ Tuesday&utm_medium=email


 Social Security and  SS Scams. Check them out.

Mistakes to avoid... when looking for a Financial Advisor

Info on estate planning considerations:



Stock Market Direction Is Key To Win With Growth Stocks | Investor's Business Daily



 Many  changes in the Investment community offerings for the individual investors.  An interesting item for People JUST STARTING their investment activities and people shopping for upgraded services.

This would be good for the NEW to investing group who want a NON sales, balanced overview of current offerings in the industry.  Also for individual investors that are retired s good comparison of offerings from competitive firms.                                                         




Your Rochester Chapter of AAII is off and running! Here is a list of upcoming events.

1)    CANCELLED.....Our next Breakfast Club meeting will be Monday, March 30th

2)    CANCELLED....Financial Planning SIG next meeting: Wednesday, March 18th - "Latest Trend in Long-Term Care Industry" by Susan Suben, MS CSA, President, Long-Term Care Associates and Elder Care Planning.


If you missed, "What you might have missed": Here it is....

What you might have missed Covid-19 Issue

What you might have missed as of 6/8/2020  

Here are some things you might have missed on our website: AAII Rochester Chapter

1.     On the Breakfast Club page there are links to our virtual Meeting Minutes & current Portfolio’s as well as some of the discussions that took place. Grab a copy off the Breakfast Club Discussion page from the Current Discussion link. Our next meeting? Only Gov Cuomo knows.

2.     In Portfolio 35, Frank Castrignano leap-frogged to the top, his selection of Service Now (NOW) has returned 31%.  After eleven months, the portfolio is down17%.  In comparison, the DOW is down 7%,the S&P is up 1%, and NASDAQ wins handily, up 15%.  This portfolio concludes next month, so we should be planning ahead and preparing selections for Portfolio 37.

3.     Portfolio 36 has improved since April, but it is still not showing much that is positive.  Jim Blazer’s Zynga (ZYNG) has also done some leap-frogging, showing the way with a nice 37% gain and displacing Domino’s Pizza (DPZ) from the top spot.  The next Financial Planning SIG is? Only Gov Cuomo knows.

4.     Jim has provided several things to read. Go to our Home Page and get started.

5.     If you are interested in a daily market update, Chaikin Analytics offers a free daily YouTube called Stock Market Today. The update usually comes out around 9:15am. You can use this link daily or if you subscribe to their Channel, you will get an auto message when the new one is posted.

6.     On the Strategery Links page, there is a link to the latest Chaikin Analytics Blog. If you know of any other informational Blogs we can link to, let me know. pheasynews@gmail.com

7.     If you have a source of good financial info that you think would help your fellow investors, send it to me.



Thank you.  Hope everyone is safe and healthy.  See you all soon.


Also, check out some interesting Blog posting's


Ask Leo - What happens when I die?

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Due to the response from the Chaikin Analytics presentation, our club was able to secure a special price for their annual subscription. If interested, email Brett at the address above for additional information.

1.     If you are interested in a daily market update, Chaikin Analytics offers a free daily YouTube called Stock Market Today. The update usually comes out around 9:15am. You can use this link daily or if you subscribe to their Channel, you will get an auto message when the new one is posted.


Special invite to the Syracuse Chapter Subgroup mtg:

Did you know that there is another AAII Subgroup just up the road in Syracuse. Anyone is invited to attend their next meeting. Not sure the topic but I am sure it will be good….


Next Meeting: TBD