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of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII)
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Welcome to the Home Page of the Rochester, NY Chapter
of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII)

How to receive notices about our local activities:
Write to AAIIrochester@Gmail.com

AAII Rochester, New York Board Members
President Paul Gorman 585-381-5476 
Secretary Open This could be You!
Treasurer Laurence Dunham 585-586-6029
Program Chair Rowland Billy● 585-654-9258
Facilities Chair Jim Patterson jpatterson007@icloud.com
Webmaster Brett Templar


Breakfast Club SIG Jeff Fraser 585-482-3654 
Financial Planning SIG Diep Chu


Program Coordinator Laurence Dunham 585-586-6029
Program Coordinator Nick Chloros nick.chloros@gmail.com
Registrar Anthony Gingello 585-225-9131 
Historian Jeff Fraser 585-482-3654
●Past presidents

The Mission of the AAII Rochester Website is to:

Use the internet to provide effective knowledge about investing
Use the Internet to serve AAII Rochester's existing goals and objectives
Foster a sense of community among AAII Rochester members
Promote AAII Rochester membership
Promote AAII Rochester events and programs
Facilitate communication among AAII Rochester members
Publish news and information relating to AAII Rochester
Allow online membership registration

Features of the AAII Rochester Website

Upcoming programs and events
Member news
Sharing ideas and resources
Shadow Portfolios


Due to the response from the Chaikin Analytics presentation, our club was able to secure a special price for their annual subscription. If interested, email Brett at the address above for additional information.


Special invite to the Syracuse Chapter Subgroup mtg:

Did you know that there is another AAII Subgroup just up the road in Syracuse. Anyone is invited to attend their next meeting. Not sure the topic but I am sure it will be good….

Next Meeting of the AAII Syracuse Subgroup

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Thursday's  meeting will be held in the conference room of the Liverpool Dunkin Donuts located on Rt 379 between the Liverpool Library and Heids.


Future Meeting Date:

July 11, 2019, Thursday. Topic: TBD