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American Association of Individual Investors (AAII)
Rochester, NY Local Chapter History
By Bob Slocomb, Historian and past president

In 1985 John Markese, past president of AAII, contacted Jake Schanker and Claude Smoyer to determine if there was enough interest to start a Local Chapter of AAII in Rochester, NY. After the proposal was discussed with contacts and individual investors in the local area, the Rochester Chapter was formed in 1986. 

Jake Schanker was the first President of the Local Chapter. Other founding members included Marge Wells, Dick Fox, Dick Specht and Ann Flood. Initially Chapter Meetings were held at the Marriott Hotel on West Henrietta Road. The meetings were well attended because the roaring bull market of the last two decades of the 20th Century attracted investors and entertaining speakers.

During the first decade of the 21st Century, meetings were held at the Green Lantern Inn in Fairport, NY because of reduced attendance. The dismal bear markets of 2000 and 2008 mitigated a great deal of the enthusiasm for stock market investing that was created during the aforementioned bull market.

During 2011 the Rochester Chapter completed 25 years of service to individual investors in the Rochester area. Currently about 60 to 100 members attend the Rochester Chapter Meetings. Approximately 30 members attend the Financial Planning Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings and a like number attend the Breakfast Club SIG meetings. The SIGs generally meet monthly.

Special thanks to all the unnamed and unpaid volunteers who have made this organization possible.

Presidents of the Rochester Chapter

1986 to 1987 Jake Schanker

1987 to 1988 Claude Smoyer

1989 to 1992 Dick Fox

1992 to 1993 Bob Slocomb

1994 to 1996 Mary Lynn Vickers

1996 to 1997 Steve Greiner

1997 to 1999 Robert Anderson

1999 to 2001 Kurt Lapham

2001 to 2005 Rowland Billy

2005 to 2009 Bob Grinnell

2009 to 2011 Pete Crounse

2011 to 2013 Henry Wirth

2013 to ... Paul Gorman